About GemSeek

GemSeek is a market research and data analytics firm founded by former senior managers at F500 companies. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a large delivery center in Sofia, Bulgaria and strategic partnerships worldwide. In 2015, cQuest, an expert company in Research Support Services, was acquired and GemSeek Group was formed.

Our mission is to deliver insights that are fact-based, focused on driving growth and have a quantifiable impact on your business. We combine industry expertise, specialized customer research and quantitative analytical capabilities to create deep understanding of customers, competitors and market behavior. We make sure data is unlocked, enriched and made easily available to the right people in your organization.

GemSeek is part of the Future Thinking Group - helping clients understand their customers by combining market research and data science to predict customer behaviour. We employ behavioural economics, human understanding, machine learning and advanced analytics to maximise clients’ sales, revenue and ultimately profit. The Group’s mission is to work alongside brands and businesses, as their long term business partner, to deliver consumer and business intelligence at a tactical and strategic level to drive competitive advantage. The Group includes Future Thinking with offices in the UK and France.

Our Leadership Team

Our company’s founders come from senior positions at leading multinationals and consultancy firms. They are devoted to inspiring and leading a team of 160+ professionals, delivering insights for growth.

Petko Tinchev


Petko has extensive experience in project management, opportunity assessment, business consulting, and business modeling across industry verticals. His experience in project and people management is grounded in both B2C and B2B international accounts. His background is in Management Consulting. Petko holds an MBA degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Kaloyan Stefanov

Managing Director

Data Analytics

Kaloyan is focused on linking our excellent methodologies and propositions in the fields of customer experience & data analytics with our clients' business objectives. Kaloyan helps our new and existing clients get the most out of their analytics and research budgets. He has extensive experience in Market Research and Analytics, Equity Research, Predictive Forecasting, Strategy Management and Consulting. He holds a BA degree in Economics and Management from The University of Oxford and an MA degree in Finance and Banking.

Ivaylo Yorgov

Managing Director

Commercial Research

Ivaylo is an experienced research professional focused on delivering data-driven insights. Working with large multinationals, he’s mastered all stages of running a successful research study – from study design to results deployment within the client organization. In his current role, he leads our market research team, responsible for the execution and delivery of both ad hoc and large-scale multi-year, multi-country projects using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Ivaylo holds a BA and MA degree in Sociology, and an American Marketing Association PCM in Digital Marketing.

Martin Dimov

Director Data Science

Martin has a solid statistical background and over 16 years of experience in analyzing clients’ data across industries and business questions. Some of these include CRM analytics, predictive modeling, data visualization, advanced data mining, and machine learning. He leads our team of dedicated data scientists focused on combining multiple data sources - survey research data, internal financial statistics, or customer usage data - to analyze and forecast business KPIs. His latest efforts include building advanced semi-automated tools that help optimize our clients’ operations and analytics. He has managed numerous projects in TELCO, Customer Services, Healthcare, Automotive, and others.

Veselin Petkov

Director Business Analytics

Veselin’s professional expertise is tailored to answering high-impact management questions. Veselin has led multiple large-scale projects aimed at product launch, brand differentiation, strategic and operational planning, and vertical business integration. His toolset spans multiple disciplines, such as market research and forecasting, data analysis, competitive intelligence, product adoption and disruptive innovation. He has extensive experience in the automotive, renewables, lighting, and durable goods industries.

Borislav Domuschiev


Borislav has 15 years of market research experience including leading roles in numerous international and multi-market projects. His main areas of expertise include research support services, research design, project management, data collection, reporting and analysis. Prior joining the company in 2011 he has worked for some of world's leading suppliers of market research services. Borislav holds a BA degree in Sociology.

Momchil Blaskov

Director Healthcare

Momchil has rich experience in providing data-driven insights for pharma and health tech companies. He is s involved in all aspects of client engagements and has supported leading global companies in strategic decision-making across markets. Momchil manages our Healthcare practice focused on market research, competitive landscape, market entry strategy, customer and clinical segmentation, and data analytics. Momchil holds a BA degree in Business Administration and an MBA.