Sep 16


by GemSeek

On September 9th, 2016, GemSeek & cQuest will be on a mission to find the next Gems to become part of our organization. We have prepared our ammunitions: amazingly positive representatives, interesting jobs openings, a couple of jokes and some presents. Now we are just patiently waiting to meet you. But where are we going to meet? At the forum “Career in Bulgaria. Why not?”, the biggest career event organized for job hunting Bulgarians with international experience.

Besides inviting you to our booth, we also wish to see your smiley faces at our presentation there. Our Managing Partner and CEO will tell you about the essence of GemSeek and the environment in our offices. The topic of their presentation is “Creating competitive advantage beyond pricing in research and analytics, case study of GemSeek”. After that, you can speak with our HR, to find out more about your career opportunity with us.

P.S. Don’t forget to register for the event (it’s free but mandatory) because we want to see you. You can do it here: http://karieravbulgaria.com/forum-2016/registraciya/

Start of the presentation: 11:10 am
Date: 09 September
Place: Inter Expo Center