Importаnce of tаrgeting different personаs (Decision-mаkers) in B2B CXP reseаrch

Mаrket reseаrch studies nowadays are а strong component of overаll business strаtegy becаuse essentiаlly, they аre аiming minimizing loss аnd optimizing profit. ...
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We shape our tracking studies, and then, our tracking studies shape us

Winston Churchill once said (not in his typical witty, pungent style, but no less insightfully): “We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.” ...
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Customer Journey Analytics: Building a seamless omnichannel experience

With the advance of the digital world, the physical one does not retreat. Instead, alongside their new, online environments, consumers keep searching for offline interactions, ...
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Extracting added value from an ad campaign – enter the brand KPIs

Linking advertising campaign performance to brand KPIs can teach you some valuable lessons. Today’s marketers are constantly challenged to create new and effective ...
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Understanding emotional bonding to enhance NPS

By now you probably have it figured out – everything related to your brand is important. But what exactly is everything? Not long ago, the focus was on the rational ...
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From customer centricity to customer delight

What does customer experience mean for your organization? Now that we have officially closed GemSeek’s CX Trends survey, find out what professionals like you do to turn ...
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