How Can Patient Experience help your hospital to stand out and be come more profitable?

GemSeek needed to develop a comprehensive program for measuring and reporting patient experience across all facilities part of the hospital chain.  
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6 BI Trends to Make the Most of Interactive Dashboards

Web-based dashboards, based on self-service technologies like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik and GoodData, provide a quick and informative solution for displaying KPIs and other ...
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Finding the Gem in Your Industry

A 3D printer prints big data sets as physical objects. Now imagine this done for your sales, marketing or other departments performance or even for the whole company’s ...
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Disrupting the Real Estate Industry with Big Data

  Realtors have a deeper knowledge on the property market, the pricing and home value. The question is how one can get even more detailed information and ...
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The Bird’s Eye Data Science View

Now imagine having a better view of your company, competitors and industry. Would that make an impact for your company? Now imagine having a bird’s eye view of the whole ...
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Can Data Visualisation Save Our Environment?

The carbon emissions and the digital footprint in the UK last month were at a very moderate to a high level. But what are the factors that influence higher emissions? A ...
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