AI in Customer Experience: Get the Most of It!

A few years ago AI was merely the brainchild of sci-fi literature. Today, it is transforming virtually all industries - from international defense to global finance and even ...
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To Each Their Own: 3 Myths About Customer Personalisation

Personalisation these days is no longer a way to stand out, it’s an imperative. As psychologist, Barry Schwartz explains in his 2004 book “The Paradox of Choice - ...
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  HOW LOGISTICS COMPANIES EVALUATE THEIR DIGITALIZATION EFFORTS? Moving away from simply having a data well to fully making use of this data is what will give companies ...
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Mobile Research Puts you as Close to People and to the Moments of Truth as you’ve Never Been Before.

Back in 2008, technology trend guru Mary Meeker predicted that mobile internet usage would overtake desktop usage by 2014. So, in the summer of 2015, when Google announced ...
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Nearly Isn’t Enough – Social Media and Online Feedback can Make all the Difference

After last week’s Valentine’s Day I’d like to reference a poem, Flowers by Wendy Cope. The key line is “You'd come along, and say you'd nearly ...
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How to use patient experience program to get competitive edge?

Healthcare providers around the globe are on different stages of their Patient Experience (PX) journey. While hospitals in the USA already have already developed holistic PX ...
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