Building customer centricity around NPS-Learnings from the Leaders

The best way to organize your NPS program is to build it around your specific business context. The principles to follow, however, are common: all companies running ...
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Top 5 challenges of B2B NPS research

Over the past few years NPS has become the preferred KPI in measuring customer loyalty and company’s performance. The system has its followers across the various ...
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The digital era of Customer Experience research

  Embracing the digital era It is not a secret that the way people communicate, work and live has been transformed in the last couple of decades. Technological advances ...
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How to manage complex multi-country research projects

Running multi-country studies is a challenge and we know that from experience! What problems have you noticed in the manner these studies are currently handled? Have you ...
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6 important questions when starting your NPS program

Setting up your loyalty survey in a few simple steps What? Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a concise metric which successfully and in an empirically proven way resonates with ...
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The winner takes it all

The link between Relative NPS and business results Let me ask you, how do you interpret the Net Promoter Score of your business? Do you aim for an increase in absolute NPS ...
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