Product, Market
& Competition

We provide intelligence and analytics for early stage product & service development & innovation as well as later stage go-to-market strategy. We deploy advanced research and data analytics approaches in concept testing, market assessment, competitive intelligence and customer analytics.

Concept Testing

We evaluate the attractiveness of products, services and solutions with new and existing customers & provide insights on significant purchase drivers, correct market approach & target customers

Market assessment

We provide detailed market mapping and opportunity assessment - market size, market share, customer segments & product segments, technical aspects and needs, regulation and legal, market trends, event & tradeshow evaluation. We quantify opportunities and support strategic investment decisions with actionable insights

Customer Analytics

We identify & study target customers & personas, value drivers, drivers of conversion, customer touchpoints and pain-chains, driving insights for messaging, sales and marketing activities, brand and go-to-market strategy

Competitive Intelligence

From overall program design to profiling and strategy formulation, we will guide you through all the stages of getting to know and understand your competitors. We will identify key information resources and leverage these to augment your CI program. Competitor Profiles based on analysis of competitor strategy and performance across business segments will enable your organization to thoroughly understand your industry landscape. Our experience in setting up and facilitating competitive war games will help you in the assessment of your current and potential competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and help you decide on strategic actions within your competitive environment.