Our team will help you understand the latest analytical approaches, pinpoint emerging industry trends, and recommend a winning strategy.


Automotive manufacturers are facing many challenges, including increased competition, major technology shifts, and ever-evolving customer expectations. We’ll provide the advanced analytics and customer decision making insights that will help you stay ahead of competition, ensure sales volumes and increase customer retention.

Read how we optimized a spare parts portfolio through advanced pricing modeling

Read how we provided practical segmentation and targeting tools to sales and marketing

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Capital Goods

With increased costs, production complexity, pressure for innovation, and regulatory compliance requirements, capital goods businesses are in need to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.
We’ll help prioritize investments, forecast demand, and generate informed strategic planning.

Read how we helped improve the maintenance cycle of machine parts

Read how we identified key value drivers per customer segments to help prioritize sales and marketing efforts

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FMCG and Luxury Goods

Innovation in products, experiences, and values drives fierce competition for consumers’ hearts and minds. We provide the full-cycle customer experience, brand and communication intelligence that can drive sales and retention towards market success.

Read how we combined a brand health study data with internal KPIs to set up a brand relaunch

Read how we provided customer profiling and purchase behavior analysis to validate target product audience

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Consumer Durables

Online commerce and a crowded universe of offers and advertisements has pushed the consumer electronics market to the next level.
We’ll help you top market dynamics, optimize marketing budgets, and master consumer purchase and attitudes.

Read how we deployed a digital attribution model to maximize online and offline sales.

Read how we identified purchase drivers to help strategic and tactical planning

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Healthcare & Pharma

Long and intensive product development, as well as a complex stakeholder map, makes the Healthcare industry a difficult nut to crack.
We’ll help you acquire in-depth knowledge of the usage and attitudes among client clinical and executive stakeholders, as well as evaluate your brand positioning and market opportunities.

Read how we helped our client’s sales team target prescribers better

Read how we helped a large international hospital drive patient experience to the next level.

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Construction & Lighting

Industry innovations and complex business ecologies are creating shifts in traditional B2B markets.
We offer competitive profiling, disruption modeling, and customer insights for sales and retention in the B2B context.

Read how we helped reposition brand to the premium segment in an emerging market

Read how we investigated most important preference drivers for customer purchase

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Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

Passenger & Visitor opinion is one of the most valuable KPIs for the industry. Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing world-class service is instrumental in order to remain competitive.
We’ll help unlock customer comments through text analytics and provide thorough understanding of customer loyalty.

Read how we delivered actionable insights from open-ended comments

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Low switching costs and low customer satisfaction industry benchmarks have prompted pressures for improved experiences and personalization. We’ll investigate customer attitudes and actual behaviors to map the full customer journeys, identify pain points and improvement areas, and detect best paths to upsell and retention.

Read how we segmented telco customers to deliver better fit propositions and messaging to each cluster

Read how we implemented an international competitive study to deliver actionable competitive insights

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Financial services

Innovative business models and increased customer expectations permeate the financial services industry.
We’ll help identify gaps in performance, decrease churn levels, and investigate new avenues for growth.

Read how we developed a churn propensity model and helped reduce churn rate at an insurance provider

Read how we employed a CRM model to reach tangible results in sales and retention

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Greentech and renewable energy top the charts of energy trends while oil, gas and nuclear issues still dominate the global economic agenda.
We’ll help assess growth opportunities, monitor competitor performance, and develop sales and retention strategies for your customers.

Read how we helped a green energy provider assess diversification strategies

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